The TripFlag Storage System

TwinBin too small? Try a TripFlag!

The TripFlag was designed to suit any products that may not work with the TwinBin system. It works in a very similar fashion.

Like the TwinBin the TripFlag is a two-bin system that works by storing reserve stock next to active stock. Once the active stock has been depleted you simply slide the door across to access the reserve batch leaving the first chamber ready for new stock.

Benefits include:

  • Made to order system so you really can store any size part
  • No drop so fragile parts are protected
  • First In First Out stock (FIFO) rotation
  • Got TwinBins? TripFlag easily integrates with the TwinBin System
  • Provides traceability of parts
  • Reduces stock held
  • RFID compatible

TripFlag Storage System

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For a full demonstration on how the TripFlag system works please see our instructional video:

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